Thursday, 1 January 2015

Starting Over

First post of a brand new year.  It feels like a bit of a blank canvas to be honest, though I've blogged before.  Last time around it seemed too specific somehow.....mostly about wool related activities.....which was good, but obviously not the sum total of who I am, nor reflective of the variety of interests I enjoy.  Some people are good at making their blogs relate to specific things only, but not me.  I prefer an eclectic mix of whatever I'm into at any given time.  Hence this new blog, which I intend to make a complete mishmash of anything and everything that takes my fancy......much more me somehow.

Mr Ogham Moon and I went for a wander to the ruins of Waverley Abbey yesterday morning.  It's local to us and perfectly situated on the banks of the River Wey.  A thick hoar frost covered the ground and the river was actually frozen over,

magical and something of a rarity these days in this part of southern England.

As we crunched along the tow path an eerie mist started to envelop the fields which I managed to take photos of - one of which I've used in the header of this, my new blog. I was so engrossed watching the mist unfurl and swirl around the field that I completely missed what Mr OM thinks was a black mink, skidding and sliding around on the ice behind me, which would, of course, have been a wonder to behold and something I wish I'd managed to capture on film.

Many moons ago, a friend of mine, who's an avid fisherman and not a person known to exaggerate, decided to do a spot of night fishing along the riverbank by the abbey.  It was a full moon, with  fields adorned with wisps of mist, much as they are in my photos here.

All of a sudden, a hooded figured loomed out of the mist and began to glide towards where he was sat, at which point he promptly dropped his fishing rod and ran back to the car, only returning in the morning to collect his things.  This is a great big burly builder chap we're talking about here too! He's never gone back.

Walking the route yesterday in daylight, I can well understand how the mists and the moon might play on the mind though until such time as I see one, I'll remain a little skeptical about hooded ghosts!

The cows don't seem too bothered about such stuff anyway.....


Jeri Landers said...

I too, prefer a mish-mash of subjects when blogging. Your geography looks so much like ours, although I am across the pond. I've often looked out over our meadow with the hills in the distance, sheep and cows in the field and thought; "The only thing missing is an Abby or castle ruins". To have a mysterious moonlight monk would make it even better.

Ogham Moon said...

Hi Jeri,

many thanks for your comment! I'm very lucky living where I do as I get to photograph lots of abbey and castle ruins. It's a bit of an obsession of mine so expect to see a few more photos over the coming months. Never yet seen a mysterious monk, but I live in hope! Kate :-)